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Welcome to the Document Control Centre

Making the process of press release and report publishing easier


  • Drafting
  • Review and Comment
  • Amendment and Revision
  • Version Control
  • Approval
  • Tracking


  • List organisation
  • Release
  • Publication
  • Re-purposing
  • Archiving
  • Follow Through

How Doc.Control works

Doc.Control provides a secure online way to prepare, review, authorise and finally release copy. It can be used for all sorts of documents, but is most useful when timing is important, e.g. press releases and reports.

Once content is ready and approved, Doc.Control will distribute the document to your chosen recipient list, make it automatically available for inclusion within web-sites and deliver to the XPRL enabled news services.

Doc.Control creates an easy to use and fully tracked interface between three groups, including these main interactions.

Getting access to Doc.Control

The single user Doc.Control features are available free to paid up supporters of XPRL.org.

XPRL.org is the not-for-profit group developing XPRL - the international computer language for information exchange in the PR industry.

Register support for XPRL.org to get your free licence to use Doc.Control, or contact us about direct purchase.